Ps.23:2 – He makes me lie down in green pastures.

He leads me beside still waters.

This classic passage gives us a glimpse into the beautiful work of the River of the Holy Spirit. He feeds us with His rich word by the waters of rest. The presence of the Lord is like lying down next to a river. As we wait quietly in His presence there is a great and powerful influence over our soul. Here is a passage from Spurgeon on this verse.

“What are these “still waters” but the influences and graces of his blessed Spirit? His Spirit attends us in various operations, like waters—in the plural—to cleanse, to refresh, to fertilize, to cherish. They are “still waters,” for the Holy Ghost loves peace, and sounds no trumpet of ostentation in his operations.”

That is amazing; as we are still in His presence these refreshing waters bring life to us. There is cleansing in this river, we are washed clean from every haunting thought and accusation from our past. These waters are cleansing us from everything that remains from our past. These waters refresh us. Even if you are emotionally, physically, and spiritually burned out; there is a refreshing and renewing of His strength in us as we rest beside this mighty river. Spurgeon says that we are fertilized by the waters of rest. The most fruitful land is always by the river. Our soul is being nourished as we take in the richness that is found in His presence. Spurgeon also mentions being cherished or loved by God. It is in the atmosphere of the River of God that we are overtaken by His love. Nothing compares to the impact the love of God has on our soul.

John Trappe has an interesting comparison of fresh water of the Spirit and the fouled water that comes from the religious world. Check this out.

“Waters of rest such as sheep love to drink of, being void of danger, and yielding a refreshing air. Religious clergymen are called the “inhabitants of the sea,” Revelation 12:12, because they set abroach gross, troubled, brackish, and sourish doctrine, which rather brings barrenness to their hearers, and gnaws the entrails than quenches their thirst, or cools their heat. The doctrine of the gospel, like the waters of Siloe (Isaiah 8:8), run gently, but taste pleasantly.”

I love the River. That’s where we can feast on the green grass of the revelation of God’s word and recover in the healing waters of the Spirit. I think I am going to lie down in the grass for awhile and then take a long dip in the River of God.

3 Replies to “WATERS OF REST”

  1. I like what you said “there is a refreshing and renewing of HIS strength in US as we rest beside this mighty river” I had this backward in my mind for a long time, thinking my strength was renewed, which is quite different from His strength in me being renewed. I alone, and in my strength, lots of bad memories, don’t ever want to go back there or even visit it, ever. Lot’s wife would concur if you could ask her now.

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