Eph.1:17,18 – that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give to you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened…

The touch of God brings an amazing change to our perception of the world. Our separation from God is marked by a blindness. We are blind to the glory of God. The great tragedy in this is that everything in creation exists for that one purpose, to display the glory of God. Spiritual blindness separates us from the very reason everything exists. If we can’t perceive the glory in our world, it is worse than being physically blind. If all we can see is the secondary purposes of all things, we are alienated from life. What am I talking about? The sun exists for more than creating light, warmth, and gravity for the earth. The rivers exist for more than a source of water or transportation. These things exist primarily as a window into the beauty and creativity of the Lord. When our eyes are opened we are sometimes overwhelmed by His nearness all about us. Here is a quote from Belden C. Lane describing Edwards becoming awakened to God’s glory in creation.

“As early as the spring of 1721, about the time of Edwards’s own conversion, he began to speak of “a new sense of things,” an “inward, sweet delight” that came to him from his walks in the woods of his father’s farm, his reading of the Song of Songs, and his contemplation of God. Later, in the Northampton revival of 1734, he continued to develop this general sense of the heart as well as the notion of a new spiritual sense that allows the believer to go beyond all shallow and intellectual apprehensions of God’s glory to a thoroughly sensual appreciation of its beauty. It is the difference, he could say, between rationally knowing that honey is sweet, and being able “vividly to taste its sweetness. A dozen years later, in his treatise on the Religious Affections, he went on to make this new aesthetic sense one of the chief indicators of an authentic religious experience.”

So maybe you find yourself stumbling through life unaware of His splendor all around you. If so, stop for a minute, Let Jesus take you by the hand. His gentle touch will open your eyes. In a moment of time you too will be flooded with His light.


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