Is.35:6 -then shall the lame man leap like a deer, and the tongue of the mute sing for joy. For waters break forth in the wilderness, and streams in the desert;

The miracles of Jesus are like glimpses into man’s soul. Isaiah’s prophecy of the mute singing for joy, paints a picture for us of the amazing works of God. One example was in Mark 7, where a deaf man with a severe speech impediment was brought to Jesus. Jesus took him by the hand to a private place, put His fingers in the man’s ears and touch his tongue with saliva. In the next few moments this man’s whole being was flooded with sounds. The sounds must have sound like a magnificent orchestra of joy. How could he keep silent? He had to lift up his voice and join with the heavenly song. Here is how John Gill describes today’s verse.

“the tongue of the dumb shall sing; this had its accomplishment, in a literal sense, at the first coming of Christ, Mat 9:32, Mat 12:22 and, in a spiritual sense, in many who before had nothing to say to God in prayer, nor in praise; nothing to say of Christ, or for him; or of the blessed Spirit, and his divine operations; but now, by divine grace, are made to speak unto God, both in a petitionary way, and in a way of thankfulness; and of Christ, and of the blessed Spirit; and of the great things each have done for them; and even to sing for joy, because of the wondrous blessings of grace they were made partakers of; and many more such there will be in the latter day, when the Spirit is poured down from on high.”

All of us spent most of our lives deaf to the song of the Lord that constantly fills our world with His song of joy. Even those of us that have walked with the Lord for a time may find our hearing dull and the song far away if not non-existent. Allowing Jesus to draw us aside Himself is essential for us to recapture the song. When He puts His hand on us we can here the song of heaven flooding us with His joy once again. What is our response. Like the mute in Isaiah’s prophesy we too have to sing for joy.


  1. “Even those of us that have walked with the Lord for a time may find our hearing dull and the song far away if not non-existent.”
    This is becoming more and more of an issue today. There are so many things that are creating noise and competing for out attention. Things like Facebook, YouTube and Netflix are filling our ears with nonsense that hold no real value. It is only when we hide away with the Lord in the secret place of His presence that we learn to hear His voice and we obtain the song!

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