Mk.7:32,33 – TPT – Some people brought to him a deaf man with a severe speech impediment. They pleaded with Jesus to place his hands on him and heal him.

So Jesus led him away from the crowd to a private spot. Then he stuck his fingers into the man’s ears and placed some of his saliva on the man’s tongue.

The ministry of Jesus was the restoration of beauty to His fallen creation. All of creation was tragically effected by the fall of man. In His humanity, the Creator entered creation to restore what had been devastated. That’s what His miracles were all about. When this deaf man with a severe speech impediment was brought to Jesus we get a glimpse into the beautiful kindness seen in the life of Christ. He could have easily healed this man with His word or His touch. Instead, He took this man by the hand and led Him to a private place. Jesus was not only concerned with this man’s body, He was also concerned with his feelings. In that place of privacy this poor deaf man regained his hearing as well as his life. No more embarrassment about being deaf and speaking so no one could understand. This deaf man had a new life. Here is how William Barclay describes this miracle.

“He took the man aside from the crowd, all by himself. Here is the most tender considerateness. Deaf folk are always a little embarrassed. In some ways it is more embarrassing to be deaf than it is to be blind. A deaf person knows he cannot hear; and when someone in a crowd shouts at him and tries to make him hear, in his excitement he becomes all the more helpless. Jesus showed the most tender consideration for the feelings of a man for whom life was very difficult….The whole story shows us most vividly that Jesus did not consider the man merely a case; he considered him as an individual the man had a special need and a special problem, and with the most tender considerateness Jesus dealt with him in a way that spared his feelings and in a way that he could understand.”

I love this story. Jesus loves me personally. He loves you personally. He has a plan of restoration in our lives. No matter what has been stolen from you He has come to make all things beautiful in your life again.

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  1. Amen !!!! Thank you Jesus for being an amazing father to us !! One who always shows compassion and love – make us like you !! In a Jesus name!!!

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