Lk.22:50,51 – And one of them struck the servant of the high priest and cut off his right ear. But Jesus said, “No more of this!” And he touched his ear and healed him.

Let’s face it, none of us like to think of ourselves as God’s enemies. Nevertheless, that’s where we all started. James said to be a friend to the world is to be an enemy of God. Recognizing that is where our healing and restoration begins. Knowing our own sinfulness and hostility toward the things of the Lord reminds us of what our spiritual condition was or in some cases still is. In today’s verse we see Peter lash out at one of their enemies with a sword. An ear was cut off and fell upon the ground, Peter was rebuked, and Jesus healed the soldier’s ear right on the spot. Shocking, the touch of Jesus even effects His enemies. The lesson in this miracle? Even if you have drifted far from the Lord and you are in that enemy category there is mercy, forgiveness, and healing for you. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this scene

“He touched his ear, and healed him; fastened his ear on again, that he might not so much as go away stigmatized, though he well deserved it. Christ hereby gave them a proof, (1.) Of his power. He that could heal could destroy if he pleased, which should have obliged them in interest to submit to him. Had they returned the blow upon Peter, he would immediately have healed him; and what could not a small regiment do that had such a surgeon to it, immediately to help the sick and wounded? (2.) Of his mercy and goodness. Christ here gave an illustrious example to his own rule of doing good to them that hate us, as afterwards he did of praying for them that despitefully use us….One would have thought that this generous piece of kindness should have overcome them, that such coals, heaped on their heads, should have melted them, that they could not have bound him as a malefactor who had approved himself such a benefactor; but their hearts were hardened.”

So what condition is your soul in today? Are you like the soldier, fighting the kingdom of God? Or maybe you are like Peter, taking God’s work into your own hands. Either way, the touch of Jesus Christ changes everything.


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