Ps.62:11 – Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God,

This is where humility sets in. Power belongs to God, never to us. Most are not in touch with it but humans are all looking for power. Having your name on the sign or the mic in your hand, it seems to be a stumbling block for humans. The bottom line is this, the Lord refuses to share His glory with anyone. It’s not Jesus and so and so that accomplished anything, it is Jesus alone. The sooner we see that the easier things will go. The Lord is the One Who saves, heals, sanctifies, provides, and whatever else needs doing. Taking credit for anything that happens under your watch is an exercise in futility. Spurgeon talked about hearing God’s voice being connected to His power. Check out his comments on this verse.

“Twice have I heard this. Our meditative soul should hear the echo of God’s voice again and again. What he speaks once in revelation, we should be always hearing. Creation and providence are evermore echoing the voice of God; “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” We have two ears, that we may hear attentively, and the spiritual have inner ears with which they hear indeed. He hears twice in the best sense who hears with his heart as well as his ears. That power belongs unto God. He is the source of it, and in him it actually abides. This one voice of God we ought always to hear, so as to be preserved from putting our trust in creatures in whom there can be no power, since all power is in God. What reason for faith is here! It can never be unwise to rest upon the almighty arm. Out of all troubles he can release us, under all burdens sustain us, while men must fail us at the last, and may deceive us even now. May our souls hear the thunder of Jehovah’s voice as he claims all power, and henceforth may we wait only upon God!”

Even practical Christianity is dependent on power. Its not enough to know we are to behave a certain way, we must have the power of God in us to actually perform it. How many alcoholics have good intentions but never change? How many spouses never meant to be unfaithful, but one thing led to another; well you no the rest. Its not knowing how to behave that changes us, it is the power of God. At the end of the day, power belongs to God.

4 thoughts on “POWER BELONGS TO GOD”

  1. It’s no longer I that lives, but Christ who lives in and through us
    Stay wrapped in those grave cloths, enjoy the new view and watch as Jesus resurrects and fills into what once was only natural, into what appears to be you, but oh no, a supernatural, much different, barely recognizable, can’t take one ounce of credit for, yes born again, unchained, new person. That must be why in our instruction manual, God changed the names of many who He came to reside in, reinforcing the difference!

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