Mal.4:2 – But for you who fear my name, the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings. You shall go out leaping like calves from the stall.

Malachi is describing the light and life that flow out from the Lord in today’s text. There are actually beams (wings) of light that shine out from the Him. This light is a healing light, it is the very life of God emanating from His nature. The Lord is good, totally good throughout His being. There is no shadow or darkness in Him. The outflow of His very nature is what we receive as we take in the Lord. This nature heals and beautifies everything it touches. God is infinite, His power and love are infinite. This life of goodness emanates from Him. As this nature touches us we are radically and permanently changed. This is how Jonathan Edwards describes the effect of God’s beauty on us.

“God is with his people as they have fellowship and communion with God and as they are partakers with God in his good, possessing infinite good, and those are partakers with him in the same excellency and happiness. God communicates himself to his people. He imparts of his own beauty. They are said to be partakers of the divine nature . They are partakers of God’s holiness. So God communicates to his people of his own happiness. They are partakers of that infinite fountain of joy and blessedness by which he himself is happy. God is infinitely happy in himself, and he gives his people to be happy in him. . . .Grace and holiness, that divine light and love, and that peace and joy that is in the hearts of the saints is a communication fr God. Those are streams, or rather drops, from the infinite fountain of God’s holiness and blessedness. ’Tis a ray from the fountain of light.”

Its hard for us finite beings to comprehend infinite and eternal. We are so comfortable with the status quo that we don’t recognize the stunning beauty of Christ all around us. He can be seen in the ant through displaying incredible strength and creativity, He can be seen in light streaming at 286,000 miles per second from the sun, and we see Him in the mother duck (who taught her to get her ducks in a row?). So how do we respond. This life that flows from the Lord flows into us. We are carriers of this glory. The results, we begin to be filled with this light of life, Our job is to acknowledge the light and give out His glory. As we participate in this flow of light and life, Jesus is making us whole.

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