Job 23:12 – I have not departed from the commandment of his lips; I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my portion of food.

Once you see it your world profoundly changes. You may even find yourself wondering why you never saw it before, it is as clear as the nose on your face. What am I talking about? I am referring to the unmatchable beauty found in God’s word. When you read it, it is reading you. In this book you actually touch the face of God. You see His power, His wisdom, His boundless love, and His incredible creativity. No book can compare, this book alone is supernatural. By His word He created the universe, by His word, He heals the sick, by His word He sends demons on the run, and by His word He saves us to the uttermost. Here Is Dane Ortlund describing the beauty of God’s word in the ministry of Jonathan Edwards.

“Scripture is God’s tool of human beautification. It is that through which God comforts and changes us. It is therefore the treasure of the Christian life….. Jonathan Edwards was the best kind of prosperity preacher. He believed vast riches were at believers’ fingertips—not in what was in their bank accounts but in what was on their shelves: the Holy Bible. Ponder the power of a typically Edwardsian illustration:

“If there were a great treasure of gold and pearls hid in the earth but should accidentally be found, and should be opened among us with such circumstances that all might have as much as they could gather of it; would not every one think it worth his while to make a business of gathering it while it should last? But that treasure of divine knowledge, which is contained in the Scriptures, and is provided for everyone to gather to himself as much of it as he can, is a far more rich treasure than any one of gold and pearls.”

It is the word of God that transforms us from day to day. In His word we find forgiveness from our sins and transformation into a different kind of person. He finds us in our ugliness, He cleanses us, and makes us brand new. Paul said we become God’s work of art. The word is the tool in the hand of the Master Artist. We have become a masterpiece of His word.


  1. Like a flower bud cracking open, the green protective covering now like a hand opening up revealing the contents hidden inside, beautiful! For someone like me to actually be describing this as something I now appreciate and value, supernatural, I guess

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