Jn.6:11 – And Jesus took the loaves, and when He had given thanks He distributed them to the disciples, and the disciples to those sitting down; and likewise of the fish, as much as they wanted.

We live in a world that is part of God’s continual flow of miracles. Paul says that the Lord upholds everything by the word of His power. He is holding together galaxies and solar systems and has been since the day they were created. In our minuscule world called planet earth He displays His miracle power constantly. He holds the oceans in place and balances the ecological systems of the world. He feeds all of the fish, insects, and animals; and of course He feeds and sustains the human population every day.

When Jesus was on earth, He displayed His glory in His miracles. He turned water into wine and He fed the multitudes with a five loaves and two fish. These unusual miracles are really no different than the ones that satisfy and sustain each of us every day. Here is how Augustine describes the feeding off the multitudes.

“For certainly the government of the whole world is a greater miracle than the satisfying of five thousand men with five loaves; and yet no man wonders at the former; but the latter men wonder at, not because it is greater, but because it is rare. For who even now feeds the whole world, but He who creates the cornfield from a few grains? He therefore created as God creates. For, whence He multiplies the produce of the fields from a few grains, from the same source He multiplied in His hands the five loaves. The power, indeed, was in the hands of Christ; but those five loaves were as seeds, not indeed committed to the earth, but multiplied by Him who made the earth. In this miracle, then, there is that brought near to the senses, whereby the mind should be roused to attention, there is exhibited to the eyes, whereon the understanding should be exercised, that we might admire the invisible God through His visible works…”

As long as the earth remains the sun will rise and set and seed time and harvest will be used to feed the planet. From time to time the Lord will break into the natural flow of His normal system of provision with a display of power like He did when He fed the multitudes. If you need a miracle, today might just be your day.


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