Lk.18:42,43 – And Jesus said to him, “Recover your sight; your faith has made you well.” And immediately he recovered his sight and followed him, glorifying God. And all the people, when they saw it, gave praise to God.

How do you respond to miracles? It may seem like a strange question but miracles tend to make some folks very uncomfortable; they always have. The miracles in the ministry of Jesus were received in three basic ways. First, some felt like miracles were designed to just improve their lives right now. These were the ones that wanted to kick out the Romans and crown Jesus as the new king. These people today are just fixed on better houses, better families, better careers, etc. Eternal perspectives are not on the radar. Second, there were those who had their religious blueprint of what their spiritual world should look like. Miracles didn’t fit into their plans and frankly threatened their importance in their little world. Third, these are the hungry that saw the glory of God in the miracles of Jesus. Their lives were changed on the inside by the touch of God. Here is how Adam Clarke views this verse.

“They saw the finger of God in what was done; and they gave him that praise which was due to his name. The Pharisees either saw not, or would not acknowledge this. The common people are often better judges of the work of God than the doctors themselves. They are more simple, are not puffed up with the pride of learning, and are less liable to be warped by prejudice or self-interest. Happy are those spiritually blind persons, to whom Christ has given eyes, that they may know him: feet, that they may follow him: a tongue, that they may praise him: and a heart, that they may love him! A true conversion, which no way contradicts itself, but is followed by an edifying life, makes known the majesty and power of God in a more eminent manner than the greatest external miracles.”

At the end of the day our response comes from the grace of God. It is His effect on us that enables us to see through the fog of this world and see His glory in all that He does. Stop for a moment today and reflect on His goodness, He is nearer than you know and miracles are flowing from His hands.


  1. I would humbly like to add to #2 (the religious). They believe in miracles, rejoice when others receive one, BUT, think that they are to flawed from being sinful to QUALIFY, and maybe one day if they ever can stop sinning, might have a shot. I may be wrong, but I see this as the biggest category and because its the religious, (wait I’m born again, I’m not religious?) they actually come sit in churches!

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