Ps.19:1 – The heavens declare the glory of God; And the firmament shows His handiwork.

Just outside your window is a world of mystery and revelation. Recently I went to see a Van Gogh exhibit and was struck by the beauty and creativity in his paintings. His most famous painting, STARRY STARRY NIGHT, was painted by Vincent as he looked out of his window each night from his confinement in a mental institution. Even though he was locked away he was able to see God’s beauty by peering through his window each night. David said that God was speaking to us through His creation non-stop. Have you ever wondered what He might be saying? I wonder if He is calling out to us? Maybe He is saying, “I take care of the birds and the animals don’t you know I will take care of you?” Or to someone else He may be saying “I created hearts, organs, and brains. Don’t you know I can heal your broken body?” If we can just be still and quiet all of the manmade noise in our world, just maybe we could hear Him speak. He is speaking, learning to listen is critical. This is how Spurgeon described today’s verse.

“The heavens declare, or are declaring, for the continuance of their testimony is intended by the participles employed; every moment God’s existence, power, wisdom and goodness, are being sounded abroad by the heavenly heralds which shine upon us from above. He who would guess at divine sublimity should gaze upward into the starry vault; he who would imagine infinity must peer into the boundless expanse; he who desires to see divine wisdom should consider the balancing of the orbs; he who would know divine fidelity must mark the regularity of the planetary motions; and he who would attain some conceptions of divine power, greatness, and majesty, must estimate the forces of attraction, the magnitude of the fixed stars, and the brightness of the whole celestial train. It is not merely glory that the heavens declare, but the “glory of God,” for they deliver to us such unanswerable arguments for a conscious, intelligent, planning, controlling, and presiding Creator, that no unprejudiced person can remain unconvinced by them.”

Creation speaks to us about the intricate details the Lord attends to. If He can sort out ants, termites, and ladybugs He can certainly handle the details in my world. It’s not that complicated, be still and listen; He is nearer than you think.

4 Replies to “GOD IS SPEAKING”

  1. New every morning, that means new every morning. Drew Brees was quoted last week about his many years at what he has done and is able to maintain such a high level “A coach once told me to stay green, because as soon as you think you know it all, your ripe and soon to be rotten” This is no truer than concerning our experiences with God. We need his input every single day, stay green.

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