Mk.4:35 – On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.”

The next twenty four hours were going to be etched on the minds of the disciples for the rest of their lives. It started late in the evening (when Jewish days begin) when Jesus told the disciples to go to the other side of the lake. As they were making their way across the lake a storm blew up. Jesus had found a pillow in the very back of the boat and was fast asleep. As the boat began to fill with water at the crashing of the waves, the disciples went into panic mode. Sound familiar, how many times have I panicked when Jesus was right there all along? After being awakened by all of the shouting, Jesus spoke to the wind and waves and they settled right down. “Where is your faith”, gently rebuking His disciples. After a short trip they arrived in Gadara only to be met by a man filled with anger and violence. This man had been chained in the cemetery by the locals leaving this tormented soul to die in misery. After a short confrontation with Jesus, the demons came out and entered some pigs who immediately drowned in the lake. The man was set free, calmly seated at the feet of Jesus. Rather than being welcomed by the townsfolk, Jesus was ousted out of town. After all, this exorcism had cost many of them their pig business.

After those crazy scenes with the storm and the demons (no coincidence there) the disciples were headed back to the other side of the lake. After all, the day was just getting started. No sooner had they got back on shore they were flocked by the crowds again and met by Jairus, the head of the local synagogue. “My daughter is dying”, Jairus pleaded, “come lay your hands on her so that she will live”. Heading to Jairus’s house suddenly Jesus stopped and looked at the faces in the crowd. “Who touched me. I felt power go out of Me”, Jesus said. A woman trembling with fear stepped forward, her body had been bleeding for twelve years. The bleeding had stopped. “Go in peace, and be healed of your affliction”. Finally they made their way to Jairus’s house. After passing through the mourners Jesus came to where the dead little girl was laying. “Wake up Sweetheart”. Before you knew it the girl was gobbling down her dinner. As for the disciples, I guess they could now call it a day.

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