Rev.1:1 – This is the unveiling of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to share with his loving servants what must occur swiftly. He clearly made it known by sending his angel to his loving servant John.

I have heard it said that heaven will be an eternal unveiling of the goodness and greatness of the Lord. If God is infinitely good and infinitely great that means that this unveiling will continue forever and be the focal point of heaven. This tasting of His goodness and greatness will increase in intensity and intimacy throughout eternity. It will be the unveiling of the love of God. Here is a quote from the Passion Bible notes on the first verse in Revelation that points to Revelation as an unveiling of Christ.

“The Greek noun apokalypsis is a compound word found eighteen times in the New Testament. It combines apo (to lift) with lypsis (veil, covering), and so could be translated “the lifting of the veil” or “the unveiling.” The implication could be stated as simply, “Here he is!” It is not primarily lifting the veil off coming events, but the unveiling of Jesus.”

But what about now? Can I taste the edge of heaven, the unveiling of Christ in this life? Absolutely! That’s exactly what happened to the Apostle John during his exile at Patmos. This is how he described it. – Rev.1:10 – “I was in the spirit realm on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice sounding like a trumpet”,

If heaven is a world of love and the atmosphere of heaven is the love of God, Who is also the Holy Spirit, then we must be dependent on the Holy Spirit in this life to experience the unveiling of Christ. In other words, the Holy Spirit unveils Christ for us. When we search the scriptures the Spirit reveals Christ to our hearts. When we spend time worshipping (especially in the Spirit) the Holy Spirit reveals Christ to us. Here is how the Passion Translation Notes describe this.

“Or “I came to be in [with] spirit” or “I became in union with the Spirit.” This was John’s “rapture,” most likely a trance. The realm of the Spirit was John’s vantage point. The same Spirit that inspired this book must interpret it, for it is what the Spirit is saying to the churches.”

Heaven is a world of love, or you can say, heaven is the world of the Holy Spirit. The good news is that He is breaking in on us in this world today.

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