Lk. 14:34,35 – Salt is good for seasoning. But if salt were to lose its flavor, how could it ever be restored? It will never be useful again, not even fit for the soil or the manure pile! If you have ears opened by the Spirit, then hear the meaning of what I have said and apply it to yourselves.”

This is one of those Bible verses that is easily misunderstood or or wrongly interpreted. Like all of the teachings of Jesus, they are quite simple with huge ramifications. He is comparing our lives to salt that isn’t salty, useless. This is what the Passion Notes say.

“Followers of Jesus who are unwilling to pay the price of discipleship are like worthless salt, unable to affect anything or anyone.”

Living for Christ and turning away from a carnal lifestyle is where this starts. There is a salty taste of authenticity to a Christian who has left the worldly life and embraced Christ. The ESV Study Bible echos and clarifies this truth.

“Most salt came from the Dead Sea and contained impurities (carnallite and gypsum). If not processed properly, it would have a poor taste and would be worse than useless, being unusable for food and creating a disposal problem. If the conditions of discipleship are not kept, the disciples likewise will become less than worthless.”

Forsaking the world and embracing Christ produces what the Lord calls a saltiness in our lives. This “taste” that disciples possess is actually the taste of Christ. Those who know Christ are familiar with the taste I am talking about. The worldly life is tasteless in comparison. Here is how Adam Clarke describes this.

“A preacher, or private Christian, who has lost the life of Christ, and the witness of his Spirit, out of his soul, may be likened to this salt. He may have the sparks and glittering particles of true wisdom, but without its unction or comfort. Only that which is connected with the rock, the soul that is in union with Christ Jesus by the Holy Spirit, can preserve its savour, and be instrumental of good to others.”

These words from Clarke are over two hundred and fifty years old and are exactly on point in today’s world. Authenticity is what our hearts long for. Once you taste the real found in Christ and in His word, phony Christians and preachers become pretty apparent. In the same way, Christians that have forsaken the world and have embraced Christ have a distinct flavor that Jesus called salty. Somebody pass me the salt!!!

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  1. Could not have said it better, pastor! People can sense authenticity that cam only be possible through the salt and light of Jesus in our hearts♥️

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