Jn.18:37 – Then Pilate said to him, “So you are a king?”

Kings are supposed to be born in palaces, not in a stable with farm animals. Kings are also supposed to be raised in compounds, not in a common laborer’s home in Nazareth of all places. You also have dignified state funerals for kings, not a crucifixion with all of your friends disappearing into the shadows.

The life of Christ was very different from what we think of kings but never the less, He was and is the greatest of all kings. To understand this you have to understand what His kingdom is all about. He said it Himself, “My kingdom is not of this world”. His kingdom, the kingdom of God, is a hidden kingdom that is here among us today. This kingdom is not about palaces and accumulating wealth, this kingdom is all about the heart. That’s why the birth of Christ was so insignificant to most, troubling to others, and the greatest of all events to those who are in touch with His hidden kingdom. Here is what Luther said about this Mary, Joseph, and Christ’s amazing birth.

“The Evangelist shows how, when they arrived at Bethlehem, they were the most insignificant and despised, so that they had to make way for others until they were obligated to take refuge in a stable, to share with the cattle, lodging, table, bed-chamber and bed, while many a wicked man sat at the head in the hotels and was honored as lord. No one noticed or was conscious of what God was doing in that stable. He lets the large houses and costly apartments remain empty, lets their inhabitants eat, drink and be merry; but this comfort and treasure are hidden from them. O what a dark night this was for Bethlehem, that was not conscious of that glorious light! See how God shows that he utterly disregards what the world is, has or desired; and furthermore, that the world shows how little it knows or notices what God is, has and does.”

You can see the parallel in today’s world. Houses are lit up with decorations of Santa, reindeer, and Grinches but too many times the birth of Christ is ignored. He is still unwelcome in many people’s hearts today just as He was in Bethlehem long ago. The question we have to ask ourselves is this, “Have I made room for Christ in my life this year?”

2 Replies to “IS THIS A KING ?”

  1. Come Jesus, and let the light of Your Unconditional Love break through the stones of our imprisoned hearts!!! Help us to receive forgiveness and open our eyes to see how much we need You!!! Praise Immanuel!!

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