Rev. 21:5,6 – And God-Enthroned spoke to me and said, “Consider this! I am making everything to be new and fresh. Write down at once all that I have told you, because each word is trustworthy and dependable.” Then he said to me, “It has been accomplished! For I am the Aleph and the Tav, the beginning and the end. I will give water to all who are thirsty. As my gracious gift, they will continuously drink from the fountain of living water.

Renewal is constantly happening by the hand of God. The Lord will not rest until the devastating results of the fall on all creation is finally swallowed up by His work of redemption and renewal. The end of a year and the beginning of a new year gives us a glimpse or a foreshadowing of God’s beautiful work of renewal. As we close out 2019 we are grateful for all the Lord has done but, like Paul, we are forgetting what lies behind us. We forget the victories and especially the disappointments. All of 2019 is finished and now we enter into God’s new chapter for 2020. This work of renewal is pointing toward the end of this age and the beginning of God’s new age. The ESV Study Bible points toward this new day in its commentary on this passage.

“The removal of the first heaven and earth eliminates the fatal infection of evil in the cosmic order and gives way to God’s creation of a new cosmic order where sin and suffering and death are forever banished. The old order was in “bondage to decay” and “groaning … in pains of childbirth until now”, awaiting the day when “the heavens … will be dissolved” and “new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness will dwell” will be established to forever replace the old. This represents the specific fulfillment of the prophecy given to Isaiah: “Thus says the Lord GOD … ‘I create new heavens and a new earth …’”

So maybe you have had one of those rough seasons in life. Close that chapter, let the Lord wash that season away. Come and drink from His fountain of renewal. You will experience increasing strength and a glimpse or vision of His new day in your life. I have a great expectancy in my heart for 2020. I believe this will be a historic year for all of us.

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