Titus 3:4-6 – When the extraordinary compassion of God our Savior and his overpowering love suddenly appeared in person, as the brightness of a dawning day, he came to save us. Not because of any virtuous deed that we have done but only because of his extravagant mercy. He saved us, resurrecting us through the washing of rebirth. We are made completely new by the Holy Spirit, whom he splashed over us richly by Jesus, the Messiah, our Life Giver.

This passage in Titus describes our salvation experience through the Biblical image of God’s new day. Creation is groaning in anticipation of what’s next. Anyone with an open heart and mind recognizes the signs all around us. The best part of all this is that you and I, God’s sons and daughters are at the center of God’s great masterpiece. We are His work of art. From the first day our hearts were opened to Him and He came into our lives He began His work of renewal and beautification. We are being formed into His masterpiece to display the glory of His grace. Paul uses the word renewal in this passage to describe this continual, supernatural work in us. This is how Dick Mills describes this word.

“renewing, anakainōsis; A combination of ana, “again,” and kainos, “new.” The word suggests a renovation, restoration, transformation, and a change of heart and life. In Romans 12:2, it indicates a complete change for the better, an adjustment of one’s moral and spiritual vision. Here it stresses the work of the Holy Spirit in transforming the life.”

How exactly does the Lord do this in our lives on a continual basis? It begins by the application of His precious blood to our lives by faith. By His blood we are forgiven and begin this walk of faith. By His blood we have daily access into His presence where renewal takes place. Secondly, His word is alive and active in our lives. Now that we are clean by His blood we can hear His voice. Daily reading the Word of God activates this continual renewal in our lives. Finally we now experience the power of His presence on a continual basis. As we draw near to the Lord by His blood we are washed and renewed constantly by the Holy Spirit. This is His process of renewal. As we walk with Him we are being made new. This is God’s work on display in us in this dark, backward world.


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