1 Cor.1:8,9 – He will keep you steady and strong to the very end, making your character mature so that you will be found innocent on the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. God is forever faithful and can be trusted to do this in you, for he has invited you to co-share the life of his Son, Jesus, the Anointed One, our King!

At the end of the day all we all really want is to be loved. That’s what makes the gospel and all its promises so attractive and ultimately rewarding. The whole point of the message of Christ is His calling out to us. He is calling us out of the world’s darkness and rejection and right into His world of love. We are the church, the called out ones, called into a life of intimacy with God and a partnership with fellow believers sealed by His love. This love is communicated to us by the Holy Spirit. Look at today’s verse in the Passion Translation, we are called to co-share the life of His Son. There could be no greater honor or no greater joy. I am loved by God and am called to enjoy Him forever beginning right now. Here are some comments from the Passion Notes.

“Or “a life of communion with his Son.” That is, a co-participation (communion, fellowship) of the Son. The Aramaic can be translated “You have been called to the (wedding) feast of his Son.” We see a clear picture here that believers are called to share in the sonship of Jesus. By God’s grace, we will share in the Son’s standing and position before the Father. We are not only blameless but made holy by the co-sharing of the life of God’s Son.”

Throughout the earthly ministry of Christ we see Him calling individuals to follow Him. He was calling these chosen ones to be with Him in His day to day fellowship. He is still doing that today. Adam Clarke say He is calling us into a participation with Christ

“Into the communion or participation of Christ, in the graces of his Spirit and the glories of his future kingdom.”

Wow! Wow! Wow! We are called to enjoy the graces of His Spirit and actually begin to participate into the glories of His future kingdom. What are you waiting for? Let the enjoyment of His love begin today.

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