1 COR.14:2 – When someone speaks in tongues, no one understands a word he says, because he’s not speaking to people, but to God—he is speaking intimate mysteries in the Spirit.

Praying in the Spirit is supernatural in nature. One of its chief functions is to activate our spirit so that we are not dominated by our mind and by human reasoning. Paul said that when I pray in the Spirit my spirit prays. That is huge. This is how we by-pass our human thinking and allow the Holy Spirit to express His will in and through our lives. We have so much locked up inside of us, so many things we want to express to the Lord. The prayer language helps us do just that. Here are some thoughts from Oral Roberts on the praying in the Spirit.

“Tongues become the vehicle of the believer’s spirit through which he, under the promptings of the Holy Spirit, talks to God in a manner that he cannot through his mind or intellect. If one prays through his intellect, his mind creates the speech patterns and words. When one prays through his spirit, it is his spirit in cooperation with the Holy Spirit that forms the words of a new language which the deepest feelings of the inner being are expressed to God. When you do this, you are edified. Your spirit is released. Paul indicates here that when one prays in tongues it is his spirit praying and not just his mind. His intellect relinquishes active control of the speech centers for a moment. It is centered on Christ. And the mind stands by as an observer, released so that it can give undivided attention, while the spirit, or the inner being of the believer takes over.”

This experience is beautiful and life changing. This is how we learn to interact with the Lord and allow Him to express Himself through us. Praying in tongues can take on so many diverse expressions. Often it starts with just magnifying or worshipping the Lord. When you experience the power of His presence it is often too good and big for words. We find the Holy Spirit magnifying the Father and the Son through us. This is supernatural worship. Many times the prayer language will move over into petition or even intercession. We don’t know how to pray as we should but the Holy Spirit does. He prays perfectly according to God’s will. I encourage you to plumb the depths of God’s Spirit. Pray in tongues. Pray in tongues a lot. You will soon find yourself caught up in the depths of God’s love.


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