1 Cor. 14:15 – So here’s what I’ve concluded. I will pray in the Spirit, but I will also pray with my mind engaged. I will sing rapturous praises in the Spirit, but I will also sing with my mind engaged.

Over the last several years, speaking in tongues seems to have taken a back seat in many Christian circles. It hasn’t always been like this. During the 1970’s the church experienced a time of renewal and visitation. Catholics, Methodists, Episcopalians, and Baptists began to experience the Baptism in the Holy Spirit accompanied by the supernatural prayer language. There was the Full Gospel Businessman’s fellowship, Women’s Aglow, and countless other para-church ministries that were involved in this season of renewal. Speaking in tongues was common and part of most all public gatherings in those charismatic circles. Our Church in New Orleans began at the very end of this season. Many who had been filled with the Spirit were now looking for a church where they could continue in this new found freedom. Oral Roberts was a key leader during that movement. Here Is a quote from Brother Roberts about the prayer language.

“The moment you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, He begins to praise and magnify God through you in a heavenly language. Speaking in tongues is evidence that the Holy Spirit has come in and is perhaps the most revolutionary experience that can happen to a Christian.

I remember the night I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. I did not understand one word I said, for it was an “unknown tongue”, but I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking through me to God. Inwardly I knew I was praising and magnifying God but it was the Holy Spirit who was vocally expressing my thoughts to the Lord. He was saying what I wanted to say and what I did not know how to say, and He was using my tongue do it. What a glorious release this was to my spirit! But speaking in tongues is more than an evidence. Tongues are meaningful in the believers daily life of communion with God.”

Speaking in tongues has a public and a private purpose. Privately, it helps us stay focused on the Lord and continues our walk of intimacy. Publicly, tongues are a sign to the lost and produce an atmosphere of unity where the power of God can begin to move. I am so grateful to be Baptized in the Spirit and to speak in tongues. It has been a daily part of my life since 1973.


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