Gen.8:22 – While the earth remains,

Seedtime and harvest,Cold and heat,

Winter and summer,

And day and night

Shall not cease.

Small adjustments can effect the rest of your life. Parris and I learned the importance of stewardship as new Christians. Learning to look to God as our Source and plant seeds of faith as a lifestyle has been the way we have lived for many years. As a result a number of things have happened. First, Parris and I have been blessed by the Lord in the good times and the lean times these last forty six years. Secondly, our ministry has been sustained and blessed by the Lord enabling us to be a blessing to many ministries as well as hurting people over the years. Everything from Feed the Multitudes to BTG, as well as our partnership with Second Harvesters is the results of the seed faith living we have embraced. Thirdly, many people in our church have learned giving as a lifestyle and have experienced blessing in their own lives. Here is a quote from Oral Roberts on seed faith living.

“When you give your tithes, think of it as Seed-Faith. Then a wonderful new attitude will possess you. No longer will you think of tithes as a “debt you owe.” You will think of your tithes as “a seed you sow.” That makes all the difference in the world in giving you joy in your giving, because it immediately helps shift your mind into expecting to receive a miracle harvest from God, who is a good God. You see, our giving goes all the way back to Noah to whom, when he came from the great boat in which he and his family survived the Flood, God said, “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest…shall not cease”. This is God’s eternal principle of sowing and reaping, of giving and receiving…..Jesus often spoke of the farmer and his sowing and reaping. The farmer in following the eternal law given by God for His universe and His people always gives the seed to the ground first. This natural law comes from the higher spiritual law that you have to continually give to be continually renewed in your spiritual and material resources.”

So go ahead and embrace this miracle way to live as a lifestyle. You will be blessed so that you too can be a blessing to many.


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