Lk.6:38 -TPT – Give generously and generous gifts will be given back to you, shaken down to make room for more. Abundant gifts will pour out upon you with such an overflowing measure that it will run over the top! Your measurement of generosity becomes the measurement of your return.

Lk.8:5 – TPT – A farmer went out to sow seeds for a harvest.

Its easy to get stuck in a routine, all of us do it. Many Christians willingly support their churches with their finances but their giving has become an obligation rather than a blessing. For many of us, tithing and giving offerings is part of our world. But there is a danger when your giving becomes a debt that you owe. Even the Pharisees tithed and gave offerings. The problem that they faced was giving to the Lord by obligation. Obligated giving robs us from the blessing of God. The Lord intended for our giving to be closely associated with Him and His nature. The Lord is good, merciful, and amazingly generous. Giving as a debt blocks us from receiving the blessing of the Lord. I learned the importance of giving to the Lord as a seed with the expectancy of harvest from Oral Roberts many years ago. Here is something Brother Roberts said about seed faith giving.

“Before, I had practiced giving after I received. In other words, I was giving my tenth dollar as a debt I owed for the other nine dollars, rather than giving my first dollar back as a seed I sowed. So I redirected my giving from a debt I owed to a seed I sowed. This was revolutionary to what I had been taught by the church, but it was entirely scriptural. When I saw that seedtime and harvest in its purest form is a cause and a result, I was able to see that my giving was what actually caused me to be able to receive. I changed my lifestyle of giving, immediately. I didn’t wait; I didn’t argue. I started sowing seeds of faith and looking for God, my Source, to send me the harvests He had planned all along for me to have to meet my needs.”

The Lord literally said in Malachi that He would open the floodgates of heaven in response to our giving. This is not just a poetic phrase from the prophet, this is literally a promise from the Lord. Give your tithes and offerings to the Lord in expectancy. Let your offerings be seeds of anticipation of God’s supernatural harvest. God’s response will be shocking, as shocking as floodgates being opened suddenly.


  1. No obligation. Just love for my Lord!
    I owe Him everything❣️
    Thank You Jesus for making me Your child💞.

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