Pro.24:13,14 – Revelation-knowledge is a delicacy, sweet like flowing honey that melts in your mouth. Eat as much of it as you can, my friend! For then you will perceive what is true wisdom, your future will be bright, and this hope living within will never disappoint you

There are some things that are so much a part of our behavior and our decisions that we are not even aware that they are there. The pursuit of pleasure or happiness is like that. We make decisions everyday that are totally rooted in the pursuit of pleasure and are often totally unaware. Everything from setting the temperature, choosing a car to drive, living in a certain city or community, or selecting a career is ultimately rooted in the pursuit of pleasure. We marry someone because we want to enjoy spending our life with the one we love. Spiritual decisions also fall into the category of pleasure seeking. One of the sure signs that someone has been born again is that their pursuit of pleasure changes. It doesn’t decrease by any means but radically increases. What changes is the new source of pleasure. We now enjoy reading our Bibles, talking about Jesus and redemption and even enjoy church. Its not that we don”t seek joy now, it just has found another source. Jonathan Edwards described it like this.

“then, we come with double forces against the wicked, to persuade them to a godly life. The most common argument that is used to urge men to godliness is the pleasures of the life to come; “but this has not its effect for the sinner [who] is in pursuit of the pleasures of this life. Now, therefore, we urge to you the pleasures of this [life]: therefore you can have nothing to say. The common argument is the profitableness of religion, but alas, the wicked man is not in pursuit of profit; ’tis pleasure he seeks. Now, then, we will fight with them with their own weapons, {for religion does not deny us outward delights and pleasures}.”

So our ability to reach the lost is really changed. We offer a different kind of pleasure than the one they used to be involved in. We offer a joy in this lie, shockingly that joy is Christ. At the end of the day, pleasure always wins out. The spiritual joys we taste now are just a taste and a guarantee.; more and better is coming, heaven will be better than we ever expected

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