Matt. 9:10 – Later, Jesus went to Matthew’s home to share a meal with him. Many other tax collectors and outcasts of society were invited to eat with Jesus and his disciples.

There is an art to being a good fisherman. When I was a young child we used to return to by dad’s old stomping grounds in Tampa, Florida. He had an old friend who was an avid fisherman who would take us out each year and we would go fishing in Tampa Bay. My dad was a good fisherman but his friend lived in that world all the time. Even though he wasn’t “family” I knew him as Uncle Lester. When Uncle Lester went fishing you could be sure you would load up the boat.

Jesus was an expert in the arena of fishing for souls. He knew exactly where to go and exactly what the “fish” would be biting on. In today’s verse Jesus went fishing at an old sinner’s house. This sinner was His newest follower Matthew. Jesus knew a party at Matthew’s house would be irresistible to Mathew’s friends. The word of Matthew’s conversion that had spread through the community would serve as bait. This would be easy, all the fish would show up . That night would be a night of harvest. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this scene.

“He invited many publicans and sinners to meet him. This was the chief thing Matthew aimed at in this treat, that he might have an opportunity of bringing his old associates acquainted with Christ. He knew by experience what the grace of Christ could do, and would not despair concerning them. Note, They who are effectually brought to Christ themselves, cannot but be desirous that others also may be brought to him, and ambitious of contributing something towards it. True grace will not contentedly eat its morsels alone, but will invite others. When by the conversion of Matthew the fraternity was broken, presently his house was filled with publicans, and surely some of them will follow him, as he followed Christ.”

Henry takes it a little farther, He seems to think that Matthew was already involved with this fishing exposition. If you have been unsuccessful in fishing for souls maybe you should change your tactics. Go to a newly converted sinner’s house and throw a party. Before you know it the fish will be jumping in the boat.

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