Jn.16:15,16 – Everything that belongs to the Father belongs to me—that’s why I say that the Divine Encourager (the Holy Spirit) will receive what is mine and reveal it to you. Soon you won’t see me any longer, but then, after a little while, you will see me in a new way.”

I always wondered what those first days were like when Christ was raised from the dead. Some of the women talked to angels at the empty tomb but their words seemed to fall to the ground when they told them to the disciples. Nothing changed for any of them until they encountered the resurrected Son of God for themselves. After that first Easter evening when Christ appeared to the disciples and breathed on them they were permanently changed. Being in the presence of the Resurrected One has than impact on people. It was the same for Mary Magadalene. She seemed to have fallen into a major pit of despair, even after an angelic encounter. That all changed when Jesus walked up to her in the garden outside the tomb. All her fears vanished in the light of His resurrection glory. After that here was Thomas. He boldly said he wouldn’t believe unless he saw Him for Himself and put his fingers in the nail-prints. Again, all doubts vanished for Thomas that next week when Jesus walked into the room.

Then maybe the greatest resurrection story of all happened several years later. Saul of Tarsus was attacking the church and spewing out profanity until that day when the Resurrected One met Saul on the Road to Damascus. In a moment of blinding light Saul became The Apostle Paul, changed permanently by the power of the resurrection.

Where does that leave us? The Resurrected One does not seem to be showing up in His human body on earth. That’s why today’s verse is so important. Today we too need an encounter with the Lord. Our encounter with the Resurrection comes through the Spirit of Resurrection. The One Who raised Christ from the dead comes to us today and reveals Jesus to each of us personally. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of resurrection. He moves upon us as we look to Christ. He reveals Christ to us and makes Him just as real as if the Resurrected Jesus of Nazareth walked into the room. Maybe you are huddled in fear in isolation in light of our present pandemic. All of that will fade into nothing when the Spirit of Resurrection falls on you.


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