2 Cor.13:14 – Now, may the grace and joyous favor of the Lord Jesus Christ, the unambiguous love of God, and the precious communion that we share in the Holy Spirit be yours continually. Amen!

Paul ends this amazing second letter to the church in Corinth not with just a formal salutation, but with a glimpse into the greatest of all mysteries; the unveiling of our great three in one God. He speaks about the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus. This is that joyous favor that sustained and satisfied Paul in all of his persecutions. Then he points us to the clearly displayed love of our Heavenly Father. He loved us and displays this love with the gift of His Son. And finally Paul points us to the precious communion we share in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit makes the Father and the Son powerfully real in our lives. This communion (koinonia) is the very substance of our faith. It is fellowship with the Holy Spirit that leads us into this amazing supernatural life. Here is how Adam Clarke describes this fellowship.

“May that Holy Spirit, that Divine and eternal energy which proceeds from the Father and the Son; that heavenly fire that gives light and life, that purifies and refines, sublimes and exalts, comforts and invigorates, make you all partakers with himself! Koinonia, which we translate fellowship and communion, signifies properly participation; having things in common; partaking with each other. This points out the astonishing privileges of true believers: they have communion with God’s Spirit; share in all its gifts and graces; walk in its light; through him they have the fullest confidence that they are of God, that he is their father and friend, and has blotted out all their iniquities: this they know by the Spirit which he has given them. And is it possible that a man shall be a partaker with the Holy Ghost, and not know it!”

This is powerful; He is the very energy of God: the fire of God, that brings revelation, passion, purification, intimacy, and supernatural power. It is in the koinonia of the Holy Spirit that makes our lives worth living. He is the life of our church, our marriages, our families, and even our daily employment. He is our very life. Without the fellowship of the Holy Spirit we are as Paul said, “of all men most miserable”. In our Coronaville we have the opportunity to prove that He is alive and active in our lives.


  1. “to prove that He is alive and active in our lives” Adaptability when changes arise, will also prove if we are actively following His lead or just existing in our own comfort zone.

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