Heb.2:18 – He suffered and endured every test and temptation, so that he can help us every time we pass through the ordeals of life.

All of us sat back and looked in horror at the unjust death of George Floyd recently. It has effected all of us, especially the African American community. We may think we understand and try to relate with our own perceived injustices from the past but let’s face it, many of us can never understand because we have never been there. That’s why today’s verse is so important. We have someone in heaven who represents us before God who absolutely understands. He faced everything we face and overcame all of it. He was forsaken by His closest friends, betrayed by a co-worker, accused and condemned by His own race, executed and mocked by people of another race who hated Him and “his kind”. Here are some observations from Barclay on this verse.

“Through this identity Jesus Christ sympathizes with man. He literally feels with them. It is almost impossible to understand another person’s sorrows and sufferings unless we have been through them. A person without a trace of nerves has no conception of the tortures of nervousness. A person who is perfectly physically fit has no conception of the weariness of the person who is easily tired or the pain of the person who is never free from pain. A person who learns easily often cannot understand why someone who is slow finds things so difficult. A person who has never sorrowed cannot understand the pain at the heart of the person into whose life grief has come. A person who has never loved can never understand either the sudden glory or the aching loneliness in the lover’s heart. Before we can have sympathy we must go through the same things as the other person has gone through–and that is precisely what Jesus did. Because he sympathizes Jesus can really help. He has met our sorrows; he has faced our temptations.”

He knows how we hurt because He hurt as well. Today, He is our Advocate in heaven. He prays for us to the Father and strengthens us through the Holy Spirit. He understands and gives us exactly what we need. Don’t fall into the trap of looking to people or human institutions in your suffering, you have a High Priest Who is with you in all things.

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  1. Thank You, Jesus, for coming in a human body to know what we all individually go through; teaching us empathy and compassion for all, and giving us the fruits of the Holy Spirit to guide us to do the right things and get us through the difficulties of life!

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