Isa:44:6 – The words of Yahweh, Israel’s true King and Kinsman-Redeemer, Yahweh, Commander of Angel Armies, says: “I am the Beginning and I am the Ending, and I am the only God there is”.

Things can get quite cloudy or confusing if you get your eyes on this present world and get caught up in this present system that is trying to swallow up every semblance of the Kingdom of God. Obviously the spirit of antichrist has been unleashed in this generation attempting to distract and discourage the children of light. In the midst of the noise there is one thing that helps get me back on track; remember that the Creator Himself has become a man and is my Redeemer. The concept of Kinsman Redeemer in the Hebrew world was a glimpse into the person of Jesus of Nazareth. To say it bluntly, God became a man to redeem us from the misery of this life. Here is a thought about the Kinsman Redeemer from the Passion Notes.

“Favor and mercy always triumph over judgment. God will excel in grace toward his people and give them back even more than what sins spoiled and Satan stole. There is coming a day when Lord Yahweh will wield his massive, mighty sword and take up our cause, slaying the serpent of confusion and working a mighty work of vindication from enemies and redemption from sins in the lives of his people. He is our Kinsman-Redeemer, the Mighty One who unveils to us his cherishing love like a relative coming to the aid of his next-of-kin in trouble to redeem and rescue them. He loves us so much that he took upon this role of family protector, becoming the sacrifice to rescue us from danger and return us to God.”

That’s the way it is with the Lord, it often appears that the Lord’s people are losing and the kingdom of this world is taking complete control. Nothing could be further from the truth. The devil is the master of fake news and nothing he says will ultimately come about. The Lord Himself has redeemed us from our sins and ultimately the misery that sin hangs around our neck. Rather than abandoned we are remembered. Rather than defeated we are more than conquerors. Rather than losing ground the kingdom of God is advancing in our society.

5 thoughts on “THE LORD IS MY REDEEMER”

  1. I believe if Jesus of Nazareth was ministering today as He did in the biblical days, He would say “Black Lives Matter.” We’re not taking sides. We’re simply saying Blacks are humans too. We too are sons and daughters of YAHWEH.


  2. Why is racism in America not a regular discussion in this church? As far as I know, it was only touched on in one service, but even if it was more than one, it should be constant because racism is not something most Christians will admit to harboring in their heart. Yes, the Holy Spirit can change our hearts but how can He change something that most people don’t even want to know or admit is buried in their hearts??? The enemy is already trying to belittle the meaning of the BLM movement with the retort ‘All Lives Matter’. Yes, that’s true but in reality, in real life, Black lives have NOT truly mattered in America. BLM is saying ‘Black Lives Matter, TOO’ because anyone who knows the history of this country to this present day, knows that Black Lives have NOT mattered. So I think this should be discussed in church regularly in a loving way, not to accuse White people, but to open a dialogue that will help bring understanding and healing. There is more discussion on TBN and Daystar then there is in our church. We at Victory need to have more. Only through open dialogue, and yes, prayer, can we truly “love our neighbors as we love ourselves” and truly be one body in Christ.

    1. thebaileydrink

      If you know me I seldom preach against sin such as;
      Pornography, racism, substance abuse, lying, gossip, treason, etc. My calling is to preach Christ. He alone can remove whatever sin from our hearts. That is all I have done for over forty years. Jesus purchased all of us and changes us as we yield to Him.

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