John 6:3 – Jesus went up the slope of a hill and sat down with his disciples.

I have been strangely attracted to this simple verse today. It must have been amazing to be able to just sit with Jesus on the mountain. You had to get past the stuff like, who will sit on His right hand or what can we do to get rid of the Romans? To be content with just being with the Lord is the great secret to life. You may never be famous or rich but you are more than that; we you are seated with Christ. Here is how Musculus describes this verse.

“Christ compares his church with a city placed on a hill. On this hill the Lord sits with his own, whom he chose and conveyed upwards from the low desert of this world to the high places of true faith, piety and a heavenly manner of life. What else, I ask, is it that Paul says: “Our dwelling place is in heaven”? . . . For where do Christ’s faithful sit? That is, where do they find rest? Certainly they do not sit or live in the vanities of this world but on the mountain of God’s kingdom, where Christ sits. In that place they are true; they sit and live where they love, which is why they are refreshed. That conveyance to rest, found on the mountain of God’s kingdom, begins in this life. It will obtain its fullness and perfection in the future after we have departed from this valley of miseries to the heavenly places, delivered from all the troubles of this life by the benefit and intervention of death. There we shall sit and rest with Christ forever.”

Learning to be still and sit with Him in this crazy world will go a long way in the next one. What brings about that kind of contentment and takes the restlessness from our hearts? It is seeing the greatness of the Lord. These same disciples that sat with Christ on rather mountain recognized His new place to sit after His resurrection. They preached constantly about Christ being seated at the right hand of God. Seeing Him in His greatness of His throne causes all the other ambitions to fall by the wayside. After all, they not only got to sit with Christ in His earthly life, they realized that they were already seated in heavenly places with Christ. That is not our future reward, we have that now. So go ahead, take a load off your feet, and sit down with the Lord.


  1. To be born in the generation that gave rise to the American Sunday distraction, away from “The Lord’s day” Has being seated with Jesus been some how replaced with being seated with the NFL. Reading the bible replaced with the sports page (what’s that, say’s the young people) Has being congregated in churches (more than an hour, unthinkable!) been replaced with three hours plus on a couch or in a stadium. Raising your arms and hands, shouting, cheering, dancing… putting in the time and longing for the next………..???

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