Jn.6:43,44 – Jesus responded, “Stop your grumbling! The only way people come to me is by the Father who sent me—he pulls on their hearts to embrace me. And those who are drawn to me, I will certainly raise them up in the last day.”

This could be considered one of those hard sayings of Jesus. It doesn’t even seem to sync with everything modern man esteems so highly. We want credit for everything and this shoots that right in the head. If this is true, salvation is totally dependent on the Lord. This concept of being chosen by God is where Augustine camped out. He had come to the conclusion that man was a prisoner to his pursuit of carnal pleasure. What was the solution? According to Augustine it was a higher pleasure. It is the Lord Himself that awakens us and draws us to the sweetest of all pleasures, the pleasure that is found in Christ alone. Here is Augustine describing this holy pursuit.

“There is a pleasure of the heart to which that bread of heaven is sweet. Moreover, if it was right in the poet to say, “Every man is drawn by his own pleasure,” — not necessity, but pleasure; not obligation, but delight, — how much more boldly ought we to say that a man is drawn to Christ when he delights in the truth, when he delights in blessedness, delights in righteousness, delights in everlasting life, all which Christ is? Or is it the case that, while the senses of the body have their pleasures, the mind is left without pleasures of its own? If the mind has no pleasures of its own, how is it said, “The sons of men shall trust under the cover of Thy wings: they shall be well satisfied with the fullness of Thy house; and Thou shalt give them drink from the river of Thy pleasure. For with Thee is the fountain of life; and in Thy light shall we see light?”

Augustine was preaching from his own experience. He too had known the prison of sinful pleasures. It was the sweetness of sovereign grace that won his affections. So if Jesus is right, no one can come to the Father until this heavenly attraction settles in. Have you tasted the sweetness of amazing grace for yourself or are you still trapped in the the swamp of sinful pleasures? There is only one way out, we are saved by grace alone as we too taste the power of His Sovereign grace.


  1. So simple, yet hidden in plain sight. Grace pulled us out, lest we forget when passing by those drowning in a foot of water.

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