Jn.5:35 – He was a burning and a shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.

We are currently living in a brand new prophetic day. Today’s verse is the Lord Jesus describing the amazing transitional ministry of John the Baptist. You could say the Old Testament days were like a dark night with prophetic stars shining. John was announcing the glorious day of gospel light that began with appearance of Christ. John’s prophetic life and ministry was the brightest light that the world had yet seen. He was announcing the dawning of the new gospel day beginning with Christ and continuing throughout this gospel era. We are now participating in the outpouring of revelation light that is covering the world with His spiritual heat and light. Here is an excerpt of a message Jonathan Edwards preached to ministers which I believe applies to all Christians.

“Ministers, in order to their being burning and shining lights, should walk closely with God, and keep near to Christ; that they may ever be enlightened and enkindled by him. And they should be much in seeking God, and conversing with him by prayer, who is the fountain of light and love. And knowing their own emptiness and helplessness should be ever dependent on Christ; being sensible with Jeremiah that they are children, should sit as children at Christ’s feet to hear his word, and be instructed by him; and being sensible with Isaiah that they are men of unclean lips should seek that their lips may be as it were touched with a live coal from the altar, as it were by the bright and burning seraphim.”

Edwards brought out two characteristics that will help us to also to become burning and shining lights. First, he said we must be humble like children. We come to His feet to receive from Him knowing our helplessness and our utter dependence on the Lord. He also said that we should see ourselves as men of unclean lips that need the touch of one of the fiery coals from the altar to touch our lips. These are the two major characteristics seen in those touched by fire: an understanding of His word because of the gospel light of revelation, and a heart on fire with passionate love that flows from the Lord. One touch and and we will be burning and shining lights.

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