Ps.42:7,8 – My deep need calls out to the deep kindness of your love. Your waterfall of weeping sent waves of sorrow over my soul, carrying me away, cascading over me like a thundering cataract. Yet all day long God’s promises of love pour over me. Through the night I sing his songs, for my prayer to God has become my life.

It seems like trials come in bunches like the waves of the sea. Just when you get your head back above water another breaker drags you back under. None of us are immune to the attacks of sorrow, they attack one and all. However, the message of this Psalm is clear; there are other breakers that will come and deliver us in the middle of our storm. The Holy Spirit also comes like the waves of the sea. His breakers will overtake us and fill our hearts with songs of deliverance. Here is how Spurgeon describes these sweet songs of the Lord.

“His song shall be with me. Songs of praise for blessings received shall cheer the gloom of night. No music sweeter than this. The belief that we shall yet glorify the Lord for mercy given in extremity is a delightful stay to the soul. Affliction may put out our candle, but if it cannot silence our song we will soon light the candle again. And my prayer unto the God of my life. Prayer is yoked with praise. He who is the living God, is the God of our life, from him we derive it, with him in prayer and praise we spend it, to him we devote it, in him we shall prefect it. To be assured that our sighs and songs shall both have free access to our glorious Lord is to have reason for hope in the most deplorable condition.”

David starts off this song with the answer to our dilemma,

“As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God.

My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?”

What kind of waves have been crashing in on you? Do you feel helpless and all alone? Maybe you have had some sleepless nights thinking about your finances and your future. Maybe you have been overwhelmed and a little bit fearful with all this talk of sickness. These are the waves David is talking about. Don’t let them take you down, catch the wave of the Spirit and you will be surrounded by His love.

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