Ps.19:2 – Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

God’s lessons are literally all around us. He is speaking over us moment by moment; if we can only hear His voice. David seemed to be especially tuned into God’s voice speaking in creation. His experiences as a shepherd stayed with him all of his life. His masterpiece has to be Psalm 23 – THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD. For David, the Lord was involved in every part of his life. From caring for his basic needs, guidance, protection, and anointing; the Shepherd was always there caring for His sheep. David had another Psalm which is one of my favorites- Psalm 19. In it David hears the Lord speaking continuously through everything He has made. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes this phenomenon.

“The lesson of day and night is one which it were well if all men learned. It should be among our day-thoughts and night-thoughts, to remember the flight of time, the changeful character of earthly things, the brevity both of joy and sorrow, the preciousness of life, our utter powerlessness to recall the hours once flown, and the irresistible approach of eternity. Day bids us labour, night reminds us to prepare for our last time; day bids us work for God, and night invites us to rest in him; day bids us look for endless day, and night warns us to escape from everlasting night.”

Spurgeon focuses on one part of one verse in this Psalm. The phrase “day to day and night to night” are filled with rich spiritual intent. First it reminds us of the brevity of life, the precious moments that are passing us by, and the relentless approach of our heavenly reward. It reminds us that nighttime is coming for the lost. Our opportunity to reach the lost is passing us by. It also reminds us of the glorious day that is about to break in on us. In an atomic instant this life will be finished and our eternity will begin.
2020 has really surprised everyone; that is everyone but the Lord. This year is also flying by, before you know it 2021 will be here (if there is a 2021). The point is Christ is coming, there is not much time, the Lord is speaking, what you do you must do it now.

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  1. I awoke this morning and my first thought was Matthew 25 (NKJV) :
    25 “Then the kingdom of heaven shall be likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet (A)the bridegroom. 2 (B)Now five of them were wise, and five were foolish.

    ??AMEN ?❣️

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