Lk. 24:32 – And they said to one another, “Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?

This passage took place the very day that Christ was raised from the dead. This was a day like no other, Christ was alive and the disciples knew it not. Jesus apparently cloaked Himself as He joined two of His followers who were apparently leaving town in fear for their lives. The Lord began to share with them from the scriptures and this verse says that their “heart” burned within them. The fire of God’s love effects our hearts like nothing else. Not only does His love join us to Himself, His love also fuses our hearts to one another as we find ourselves bound together by His love. This is how F. E. Marsh describes this verse.

“Did not our heart burn within us , while He talked with us on the way?” Mark it does not say, “our hearts”, but “our heart”. They were so completely occupied with Christ that they lost sight of their misery and themselves, and found their hearts fused into one. Who has not seen a heap of iron ore, cold and mixed with refuse from the earth. How can the precious metal be separated from the stony matrix, and be made one glowing mass? Only in one way. Fling the ore into the furnace and let the fire, fanned by a powerful draught, play upon it, till the dross and rubbish are parted from the metal, then let the latter run off a golden and fiery stream, and it will be shaped by the mound into which it is directed. The love of God is a fire to soften the hardness of the heart, to separate the precious from the vile, and to fuse us into a glowing mass.”

The community of Jesus is supernatural by nature. We were once not a people but now we have become the people of God. The same love that drew us and won us has burned our hearts. The fire of passion fuses us together with others who have also been won by His love. These disciples on the Road to Emmaus had to return to look for the other disciples. They really had no other choice, the fire of God was fusing together into one heart the followers of Jesus. His powerful outpouring is doing the same thing today.

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