1 Tim.1:17 – Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

When I was a child in public school back in the 1960’s the Great Awakening was still covered in our history class. We learned a little about it and were taught that there was a connection with the first European settlers, the great Awakening, and the establishment of our country. Knowing about our Christian past as a nation deeply effects our national identity and purpose. Even then, in the 1960’s, the vast majority of Americans believed in a divine purpose for America. Forgetting our revival past has removed our understanding of who we are. One of the key figures in the Awakening was Jonathan Edwards, son of a Puritan pastor in Massachusetts. Edwards had a supernatural conversion as a youth. Here are some of his own words describing this event.

“The first that I remember that ever I found anything of that sort of inward, sweet delight in God and divine things, that I have lived much in since, was on reading those words, 1 Timothy 1:17, “Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory forever and ever, Amen.” As I read the words, there came into my soul, and was as it were diffused through it, a sense of the glory of the Divine Being; a new sense, quite different from anything I ever experienced before. Never any words of Scripture seemed to me as these words did.… I kept saying, and as it were singing over these words of Scripture to myself; and went to prayer, to pray to God that I might enjoy him; and prayed in a manner quite different from what I used to do, with a new sort of affection.”

This encounter was historic. These words give the account of one of the key figures the Lord used in the Great Awakening in the American colonies. His awakening was the beginning, thousands of others followed in personal awakenings over the next fifty years. Edwards encounter was in the 1720’s. The great Awakening took place from 1740-1775. During those years, 13 rebellious colonies became one nation under God. Our national identity and purpose was being revealed and we became an independent nation in 1776. Today, our nation has drifted far from her moorings. We need – WE DESPERATELY NEED – another Great Awakening.

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  1. That is the cry of my heart, that the Church, the Bride of Christ would awaken. She appears dead and lifeless like Lazarus. Even though Jesus loved Lazarus, He delayed. He declared he sleeps and His followers did not understand why He delayed. He is dead but for your sake, Now I will act. Even so, the Church is deceived by lying tongues that say ‘He is not returning, all things go on as before.’ He loves His church and He will come to wake her from her sleep. And with a shout, ‘Come forth’ she will arise to the Glory of God. And the whole world will be amazed.

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