Col.1:15,28 – He is the divine portrait, the true likeness of the invisible God.

Christ is our message! We preach to awaken hearts and bring every person into the full understanding of truth.

Sometime I wish I was an artist. The frustrating thing is that I am really bad at art, I even draw poor stick men. I see beautiful images in my mind when I read the stories of Jesus. I see Him feeding the multitudes, healing the blind man, asleep in the boat in a storm, raising Lazarus from the tomb: you get the point, you could never run out of scenes to paint with Christ as your subject. That brings me to my calling in life. I feel like the Lord has called me to be an artist using my tongue as the brush to paint the beauty of Christ. That is the ultimate calling of a Christian and especially of those called to teach and preach His word. Magnify Him with your words; after all “He is the divine portrait, the true likeness of the invisible God.” Here is how Barnes describes this passage.

“The meaning here is, that the being and perfections of God are accurately and fully represented by Christ. What respects particularly he was thus a representative of God, the apostle proceeds to state in the following verses; to wit, in his creative power, in his eternal existence, in his heirship over the universe, in the fulness that dwelt in him. This cannot refer to him merely as incarnate, for some of the things affirmed of him pertained to him before his incarnation; and the idea is, that in all things Christ fairly represents to us the Divine nature and perfections. God is manifest to us through him. We see God in him, as we see an object in that which is in all respects an exact copy of it. God is invisible. No eye has seen him, or can see him; but in what Christ is, and has done in the works of creation and redemption, we have a fair and full representation of what God is.”

Jesus is our way to see the eternal nature of our great God. In Christ we touch His goodness, His holiness, His wisdom, and His power. So paint His picture; describe His power over sickness, His testimony in breaking the shackles of sin, and the many times He has provided your fish and bread. Lift up your voice and paint His beautiful picture, He is making our tongues His paintbrush to portray His beauty.

3 Replies to “DIVINE PORTRAIT”

  1. Amen, you are surely one of His Rembrandt’s….one of the greatest story tellers in the history of art!
    Thank you, Pastor for your devotion to Jesus to be able to express His humanity and majesty!

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