Mark 4:39 – Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

Have you ever been caught in a storm? That is a pretty foolish question when most of your audience lives in Southeast Louisiana. Regrettably, storms are a way of life for us. I have in my memory a funny story from my childhood (probably about 12 years old) when I went fishing with my brother in law, Johnnie. We were in my uncle’s boat fishing on a lake they called Dam B in East Texas when a sudden storm blew up. As things always manage to do the boat wouldn’t start and we were adrift getting precariously close to the dam. I don’t think Johnnie knew much more about boats and fishing than I did. All I remember about that day was being scared of that storm and the dam. Suddenly my uncle showed up on the shore (he had his eye on us all along). I don’t remember exactly what transpired but we got the boat started and the drama was over. That brings me back to today’s story, the disciples were afraid and Jesus was asleep. Here is how Ironside describes this event.

“He . . . rebuked the winds and the sea…. Mark tells us that He gave a direct command to the boisterous winds and waves, “Peace, be muzzled,” as one might address an angry dog. Immediately the elements were calmed and the raging storm ceased. The winds and the sea recognized the voice of their Master when Jesus rebuked them, for He who had been sleeping in physical weariness was the Creator of the universe.

“What manner of man is this!” As yet, they did not understand the mystery of the incarnation. It was as He wrought in power among them that their understanding was opened to know who He really was. Awed and relieved, they looked upon their Master in amazement, wondering at the manifestation of authority that they had witnessed. Realizing they were in the presence of One whom even the winds and the waves obeyed, they marveled as they considered His mysterious power and personality.”

The Son of God was right there, sleeping on the boat in the middle of the storm. Could it be that He is always right there when His people get caught in a storm? Maybe the storms of 2020 seem a little much for you. Be at peace, the Master of the wind and storms is close by.


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