Lk.1:41 – At the moment she heard Mary’s voice, the baby within Elizabeth’s womb jumped and kicked. And suddenly, Elizabeth was filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit! With a loud voice she prophesied with power:

Ever since I was touched by revival fire in 1994 I have been somewhat mesmerized by the contagious nature of revival. I was touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit when Rodney Howard Browne laid his hands on me in revival meetings in Rockwall, Texas. At that time I became more aware of the outbreaks of revival around the world and began to notice, there was a strange connection in almost all of them. Inevitably someone had been to one of Rodney’s meetings. There was Claudio Freidzon in Argentina (I saw him at many of Rodney’s meetings), Randy Clark who was used to birth the Toronto outpouring, and a group of church folk in Brownsville that had attended the meetings in Toronto. The point is, the Holy Spirit spreads from person to person.

The Welch Revival of 1904 was connected to Azusa Street of 1906. Here is an excerpt from a book written by Frank Bartleman, one of the ministers and authors associated with Azusa Street showing the connection to Wales.

“I wrote more articles for the religious press, exhorting the saints to prayer, and went to Smale’s again in Los Angeles. Here I found the people waiting for the preacher again. I was greatly burdened for the situation and tried to show them they must expect from God. Some resented this, being bound by age old custom, but others responded to it. They were praying for a revival like they had in Wales. This was one of the outstanding features there. In Wales, they expected from God. The meetings went on whether the preacher was present or absent. They came to meet God. He met them.

I had written a letter to Evan Roberts in Wales, asking them to pray for us in California. I now received a reply that they were doing so, which linked us up with the revival there. The letter read as follows:

“My dear brother in the faith: Many thanks for your kind letter. I am impressed of your sincerity and honesty of purpose. Congregate the people together who are willing to make a total surrender. Pray and wait. Believe God’s promises. Hold daily meetings. May God bless you, is my earnest prayer. Yours in Christ.

Evan Roberts”

There had been no individuals moving in the Spirit in Israel for hundreds of years before Christ came. Apparently Mary was filled when she conceived Christ in her womb. From that moment the spread was inevitable; Elizabeth, John in Elizabeth’s womb, Zechariah, and even old Simeon in the temple. Revival spread is inevitable, watch who you hang out with.

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