Mk.5:35,36 – And before he had finished speaking, people arrived from Jairus’ house and pushed through the crowd to give Jairus the news: “There’s no need to trouble the master any longer—your daughter has died.” But Jesus refused to listen to what they were told and said to the Jewish official, “Don’t yield to fear. All you need to do is to keep on believing.”

The Christian and the non-Christian view the world from two different lenses. The story about the recovery of Jairus’s daughter displays the stark contrast. As far as human expectancy and human ability all hope was over when the young girl’s heart stopped beating. Jairus’s friends brought the sad news,”Don’t trouble the teacher anymore, your daughter is dead”. Jesus saw the situation totally differently, ‘just keep believing’ He said. By the time Jesus arrived at Jairus’s house the mourners were already in place. The expectancy of Jesus was met with mocking and scorn – Jesus told them, “the little girl is only asleep”, the mocking and ridicule only increased. Here is how Barclay sees this passage.

“There is the contrast between the unrestrained distress of the mourners and the calm serenity of Jesus. They were wailing and weeping and tearing their hair and rending their garments in a paroxysm of distress; he was calm and quiet and serene and in control. Why this difference? It was due to Jesus’ perfect confidence and trust in God. The worst human disaster can be met with courage and gallantry when we meet it with God. They laughed him to scorn because they thought his hope was groundless and his calm mistaken. But the great fact of the Christian life is that what looks completely impossible with men is possible with God. What on merely human grounds is far too good to be true, becomes blessedly true when God is there.”

I love this, the things that look utterly hopeless with men and human abilities are possible with God. He loves to show His glory in absolutely impossible situations. Jairus had risked his reputation and career by bringing Jesus into his home. By his bold faith he regained his daughter as well as discovering the power of God’s love found only in Christ. All of us will face impossible circumstances in our lives. If we can look to Jesus and ignore the bearers of bad news and the mockers we too will see the glory of God.

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