Ps.32:7 – You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble; You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah

David is probably best known for his songs. Apparently, music had been part of David’s life from his childhood. He probably developed his singing, harp playing, and songwriting skills on his father’s sheep. That really is appropriate in light of his most famous song of all, Psalm 23 which was written for his Heavenly Father’s sheep. The words of that Psalm have effected millions of lives over the years, “the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want”. Everything I have ever needed or even wanted has been found in the Lord. In today’s verse David is describing the supernatural nature of these spiritual songs. He says that he is surrounded with songs of deliverance or victory. Our songs to the Lord are filled with power, actually they are filled with God Himself. The Lord is the One who surrounds us in our songs. I hide myself in Him, my hiding place and I am surrounded with the power of God. Here is how Spurgeon described this verse.

“What a golden sentence! The man is encircled in song, surrounded by dancing mercies, all of them proclaiming the triumphs of grace. There is no breach in the circle, it completely rings him round; on all sides he hears music. Before him hope sounds the cymbals, and behind him gratitude beats the timbrel. Right and left, above and beneath, the air resounds with joy, and all this for the very man who, a few weeks ago, was roaring all the day long. How great a change! What wonders grace has done and still can do! Selah. There was a need of a pause, for love so amazing needs to be pondered, and joy so great demands quiet contemplation, since language fails to express it.”

David’s songs are so powerful because they are forged in the fires of adversity and in the very fire of God. David lived his life surrounded by trouble. He was chased by lions, bears, a Philistine giant, armies of Philistines, King Saul, and his son Absalon. In his adversity he found his place of safety, his hiding place. He is not talking about the physical caves that he hid away in but the very presence of God that would hide him away. The hiding place is closely related to David’s songs. David would worship, God would come down, and everything just seemed to fall in place.

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