Psalm 89:6 – For who in the heaven can be compared unto the Lord, and who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the Lord?

One of the hardest things for our natural mind to comprehend is the sovereign rule of God. He has been at it, ruling the universe, for a long time. Just as He rules solar systems, weather patterns, and interstellar comets and asteroids – He rules the earth with His mighty power. He is ordering all things to see the mysteries of the book of Revelation unfold before us. The government of the earth is aligning itself against the Lord just as they have always done. Even the enemies Herod and Pilate became friends to fulfill God’s plan for His Son to die at Calvary. These days are no different. The things that have happened recently and will continue to unfold have happened for the atmosphere to be conducive for the advance of the gospel. That is what it is always about. Here is how Edwards describes God ruling by His power.

“There are many of the princes of the earth that have great power, and that rule over great part of the earth, and have the lives and fortunes of their subjects in their hands; but what are these to him who is king of the whole earth, who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords; who rules over kings and emperors, and has them as much in his power as he has the ants and flies, pulls down one and sets up another at his pleasure; who oversees all the kingdoms and governments in the world, and manages the affairs of them just as he pleases. When he pleases, one king must die, and who he pleases must reign in his room; armies conquer or are conquered according as he will have it: “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, and he turns them as the rivers of water” [Prov. 21:1]. Thus he holds an absolute and uncontrollable government in the world; and thus he has done from the beginning, and thus he will do to the end of all things.”

So if things aren’t progressing the way you had hoped or even prayed, take courage; God is still on His throne preparing all things for the Great Day. The message of the gospel and the comfort of the Spirit is our refuge in good times and bad. Find your role in advancing His kingdom. The kingdom of God will not be destroyed, stopped, or delayed; His appointed time to return is at hand.

5 Replies to “HE RULES BY HIS POWER”

  1. There are really only two positions we can take, be with Him or against Him, His Word (Bible) is our instruction manual and John 16:13 He is come (Holy Spirit) and will guide you into all truth. Our church and small groups are also set up by God to further our growth.

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