Gal.2:20 – I have been crucified with Christ.

Jn.19:15 – But they cried out, Away with him, away with him, crucify him.

“Away with Him.” You can hear the disgust in the voices of the Jewish crowd demanding Pilate to crucify Jesus. He was abhorrent to them, just a look at this man was absolutely disgusting to the religious minds. Jesus was led away to be crucified; but what does that have to do with me? Jesus said if anyone were to follow Him they must pick up their own cross. Crucifixion has always gone hand in hand with following Jesus. Of course we are not talking about martyrdom or a physical death, we are talking about being crucified with Christ and living a crucified life. When this truth becomes real in your life you will be able to walk in newness of life, the life of being resurrected with Christ. Here is how Watchman Née describes being crucified with Christ.

“What does it mean for me to be “crucified”? I think the answer is best summed up in the words the crowd used of Jesus: “Away with him!” God never allows this matter of being crucified with Christ to remain for us a mere theory, though I confess that for many years it was no more than that to me. I myself had preached the cross in these very terms without knowing it in my own experience—until one day I saw with dramatic suddenness that it had been I, Nee To-sheng, who died there with my Lord. “Away with Him!” they had cried, and in saying it of Him they had also, unwittingly, echoed God’s verdict upon me. And the sentence of God upon me was carried out in Him. This new discovery affected me almost as greatly as did my first discovery of salvation. I tell you, it left me so humbled as to be for a while quite unable to preach at all, whereas until that day, I have to admit, preaching had been my consuming passion.”

Being crucified with Christ has to become more than a theological belief, it has to become your experience. The person you once were has been crucified with Christ, consider yourself dead; dead to sin and alive with God. If that old person you used to be tries to rise up then join in with the chanting crowd – AWAY WITH HIM – such a man has no right to live.

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  1. Like a sculptor, Jesus is forever refining us, removing areas that don’t fit in the finished vision He has of us. This happens a lot easier when we enter His courts and sit beside Him.

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