Eph.3:18,19 – Then you will be empowered to discover what every holy one experiences—the great magnitude of the astonishing love of Christ in all its dimensions. How deeply intimate and far-reaching is his love! How enduring and inclusive it is! Endless love beyond measurement that transcends our understanding—this extravagant love pours into you until you are filled to overflowing with the fullness of God!

This is one of those passages that touches on the infinite nature of our God. His love for us is infinite, this love is what we will enjoy and explore for all eternity in that place that we call heaven. Paul is describing one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit to us in this life. He unveils to us the unsearchable love of God. We know this love experientially when we are born again. His love is endless, or infinite; because of the infinite nature of His love Paul say it is past our knowledge. What a strange passage, we must know Him but we can’t really know Him. It is in touching this infinite love that we are filled with the Holy Spirit. This is how theOrthodox Study Bible describes this passage.

“It is something other than a scientific fact or intellectual awareness. It is (1) a revelation, a divine gift that illumines and transforms our intellect; and (2) a reciprocal encounter, a personal bond with the personal God, who reveals Himself to us through communion with Him. This revelation and personal communion, this faith, is best known (1) with all the saints, that is, in personal communion with the corporate Church; and (2) through an experience of the great gift of grace, the love of Christ. Theological knowledge is first personal and experiential, and then thought out and verbalized.”

What Paul is describing in this verse is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Some think that the Spirit baptism is only about tongues or equipping for ministry. Of course it includes both the prayer language and the ministry but it also includes so much more. The baptism in the Spirit is literally an immersion into God’s love. It is an immersion or baptism into the person of the Holy Spirit. As we are soaked in His presence we are overwhelmed with His love, this is a superior love to any that we have known. We are loved by God. This is what was purchased for us by Christ at the cross; access into the very presence of our God.


  1. “Transcends our understanding”…
    “Yet transforms our intellect”…
    Then -“immersion” into His love overflowing through the Holy Spirit..
    What a wonderful, good loving God we have!

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