Matt.21:12,13 – Upon entering Jerusalem Jesus went directly into the temple area and drove away all the merchants who were buying and selling their goods. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the stands of those selling doves. And he said to them, “My dwelling place will be known as a house of prayer, but you have made it into a hangout for thieves!”

This verse gives us a glimpse into what the Lord renders as vital or essential. This word “essential” has taken on center stage in the last year dealing with Covid -19. From governors to mayors, presidents to congressmen, and judges to journalists everyone is spouting their two cents worth opinion about what they deem essential (very few have looked to the Lord to see what He says). I could have been offended when many deemed liquor stores and Walmart as essential when churches were not. This speaks volumes to how far our country and its values has drifted.
In today’s passage we see Jesus finally drawing a line in the sand. Everything from corruption and immorality in the religious leaders and political leaders received a correction but nothing was really done by the Lord. Selling corrupt merchandise in His house was somehow different and more offensive. The house of God itself was being defiled by the actions of the powers that be and He was not having it. Jesus began to take matters into His own hands as He drove the offenders from His house. He was saying that the line had been crossed, “don’t touch My house”. Here are some interesting comments from the Passion Notes on this text.

“The revered theologian and historian Jerome was the translator of the Bible into Latin. He also wrote a commentary on Matthew, which includes a fascinating thought about Jesus overturning the tables. Jerome writes, “For a certain fiery and starry light shone from his eyes, and the majesty of God gleamed in his face.”

How can this be applied to today’s world? The political world has crossed the line when they try to block the church from gathering and worshipping. Like Sean Feucht has been saying this last year, “LET US WORSHIP”. It seems that the political powers have been emboldened in their new acquired power in this last year. Watch closely, the Lord will take matters in His own hands if that behavior continues. America’s future will be determined by what happens in God’s house.

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