Jn.4:34 – Then Jesus spoke up and said, “My food is to be doing the will of him who sent me and bring it to completion”.

This statement about food comes just after the Lord’s interaction with the woman at the well in Samaria. This woman could be called the first evangelist who actually brought a whole town to Christ. Many people believe she is a type of the Bride of Christ, after all, Jesus came to earth in search of His bride. He told this woman that God was searching for true worshippers; those that would worship Him in Spirit and in truth. This search for worshippers is what the Lord called His food. He is teaching His disciples in this passage about their tue food, “Look”, He said as He pointed to the harvest in Samaria, “the fields are white unto harvest”. This was the first of the harvest of the non-Jewish world. The Lord was calling His disciples to the harvest of the earth, this would become their food also. Here are some comments from the Passion Notes and a scripture from Song of Solomon referring to this passage.

“There is a fascinating word play here in the Aramaic. The word Jesus uses isn’t the common word for “food,” but is actually a word that means “nutrients.” It is also a homonym that is more commonly translated “kingdom.” Jesus has a kingdom feast that no one else knows about. He feasts upon the devotion of his bride. The church is truly the “woman at the well.”

SOS 5:1 – TPT – I delight in gathering my sacred spice,
all the fruits of my life I have
gathered from within you, my paradise garden.
Come, all my friends—
feast upon my bride, all you revelers of my palace.
Feast on her, my lovers!

Today’s verse from the gospel of John was given to me as a word of prophesy when I first returned to New Orleans in the fall of 1977. The Lord clearly told me that the field in New Orleans were white, that harvest was our call. This Sunday we are celebrating our forty second anniversary at Victory Church. This word is just as fresh and relevant as it was in 1977. The fields are white and His church is our bread. Maybe its time for you to find your place in the harvest. There is a place for you to serve at Victory. We long to see His bride from New Orleans emerge from the pollution of this city. It’s time for us to come to the table and eat some of this heavenly food.

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