Jn.4:33,34 – So the disciples were saying to one another, “No one brought Him anything to eat, did he?” Jesus *said to them, “My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to accomplish His work.

Jesus had just given His famous talk about living water to the woman at the well and now He was talking about food. What exactly is He telling the disciples? Obviously He is saying there is something more important than food in our lives. Food is quite important, it is the nourishment that keeps us going in all our activities. Spiritual food is like that, it fills our whole being with strength for the journey of our lives. What is exactly is this spiritual food Jesus was talking about? It is the harvest, it is hurting people wandering through life without the Lord. The woman at the well was the first fruits of the harvest in Samaria, now the whole region was coming to the Lord. This is why Jesus did what He did; this was His food. Here is how Barclay describes this passage.

“By this time the disciples had come back with food, and they asked Jesus to eat. They had left him so tired and exhausted that they were worried that he did not seem to want to eat any of the provisions which they had brought back. It is strange how a great task can lift us above and beyond bodily needs. All his life William Wilberforce, who freed the slaves in the British Empire, was a little, insignificant, ailing creature. When he rose to address the House of Commons, the members at first used to smile at this strange little figure; but as the fire and the power came from the man, they used to crowd the benches whenever he rose to speak. As it was put: ‘The little minnow became a whale.’ His message, his task, the flame of truth and the dynamic of power conquered his physical weakness.”

Wilberforce was a member of the British Parliament who came to Christ in the awakening of the 1700’s in England. He saw the pain and bondage of slavery and became determined to see it ended. Ending slavery became his passion, abolishing slavery became Wilberforce’s food. What is your spiritual food? Maybe you feel a bit malnourished because you haven’t had a good meal lately. Get in the game; engage yourself in some kind of ministry to those in pain. When that happens your soul will be satisfied and God will be glorified.

6 Replies to “MY FOOD”

  1. There’s nothing like the ‘buzz’ I get from the Holy Spirit when the person or people I’m sharing with actually receive the Word of the Lord/testimony of Jesus. How amazing is it that we can both eat and drink at the same time. We drink as we pour and we drink as we receive!! Wonderful are Your Ways Lord!!

  2. I love how Jesus teaches spiritual truths using simple comparisons, that at the
    same time are profound. Everything that we choose to “take in” becomes an added part to who and what we are, and with eating and drinking happening several times a day, the evidence of our intake, then becomes us.

    1. and hence the saying , “you are what you eat”, becomes our reality. Physical food, mental food, and spiritual food ,,,, thank you Pastor , and all who take a moment to share here.

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