James 1:17 – Every gift God freely gives us is good and perfect, streaming down from the Father of lights, who shines from the heavens with no hidden shadow or darkness and is never subject to change.

One of the things I have discovered in my spiritual journey is that our Father in heaven is a giver, His very nature is a nature of giving. This passage describes the gift of God as streaming continually out from Him. The image that this passage creates is that the sun is a picture of the Father. The sun cannot help itself, it exists to pour out its gifts continually. When you examine these gifts you would actually be more exact by saying gift. What is the sun’s gift, it is constantly giving itself. The light, energy, and power that comes from the sun comes out of the sun’s very nature. The sun gives sunlight. That’s exactly how it is with the Lord. The Lord is showering His gifts continually. Again, He is actually giving one gift; that gift is Himself. It is from the power and the influence of His radiant beams that every gift we receive comes. Those beams produce healing, revelation, productivity, creativity; the list is actually endless. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this verse.

“How constantly does God supply the wants of mankind. It is wonderful to consider in some instances, as in that instance of the sun’s light and heat. The sun has been sending out its rays and shedding of them abroad in vast profusion from the beginning of the world, and yet its rays ben’t spent; it is as full of them, probably, as ever; it shines with a constant and uninterrupted brightness, continually still. As this is a notable effect of the fullness and everlastingness of God’s bounty, so ’tis very much of an image of it: for God is “the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning”.”

I love Edwards’ phrase in describing the relentless nature of the sun. He says, “it shines with a constant and uninterrupted brightness”. This is a great picture of the Lord. Jesus is the radiance of the Father. Just one look at Jesus and you will see the fruit of His radiance; He healed the sick, raised the dead, freed people from demonic bondage, and fed the hungry. His giving never stops, He gives Himself to us in the person of the Holy Spirit and our lives are dramatically and permanently changed.


  1. The past four days of worship were visibly evident of God pouring Himself out to us as we poured ourselves to Him! May we forever be changed!

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