Merry Friday by Parris

“And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful”. Col 3:15

The foundation stone of the New Testament is “for grace ye are saved through faith, not of yourself for it is the gift of God”. This peace we want is not something we can muster up or strive to keep up with. God once again gives us “all we need according to his riches in Christ”.
The peace that is to “rule in our hearts” is more or less having an umpire or arbitrator at a game, who looking down in the arena, watches that the combatants strive lawfully. The peace of Christ is that umpire who sits enthroned in our hearts allowing his eyes to “rain influence”. While our soul and spirit might contend for mastery, the Holy Ghost umpire will give us our Victor’s crown. The Holy Spirit fights our battles, comes alongside of us and pulls us to the winning side! He is our peace!

Keeping our thoughts and affection in check helps us keep in close union with our Lord. We must always move closer to Christ himself in order to feel this reign of peace. For its when sin gains possession that we realize the peace of God has been dethroned. We are not here to self preserve at all. How many times are we challenged by this? Whatever might mar your inward tranquility or is ruffling the surface of your thoughts and bringing distraction needs to be dealt with. What cup are you drinking from? After the election Frank and I yanked our cable out and there went the great Fox News, in fact all news. Facebook prophets quieted down and I’m finding my friends are speaking to me once again. (LOL) I am sure all of us needed a good rebooting in God’s garden of delights. Let’s be thankful that the Holy Ghost umpire is always at work within our hearts.
The peace of God is also like a sentinel. Christ keeps us in a garrison ringed by battlements, posted within some high impregnable castle. No weapon or enemy is welcome in this place of peace!

The scripture goes on to say we are called into one body. We need to stay knit together in cords of love despite our differences because this is where the real growth begins to happen. Miracles breakout, gifts flow through the body from each of us when we learn to come together in peace love and joy in the Holy Ghost. Staying away from each other deepens the differences and stifles the anointing in our lives.

Last but not least, be always thankful, for our peace is bought with a high price and not easily given up; thankful that he that called you will also do it.

2 thoughts on “Letting Peace Rule”

  1. The Holy Spirit is such a wonderful Teacher, before I realize it sometimes I find myself tryin so hard to do whatever it is, even when I’m in pursuit of bringing Him glory. When I ‘try so hard’ I only get more and more frustrated and even can be angry at myself or Him. Then I feel guilty that I’m upset with myself or Him and start to sink… That’s when He will lift my head and blow away my tears and hair out of my eyes to tell me all I need to do is trust Him, just walk with Him, talk with Him, I don’t need to ‘try so hard’ bc He is already pleased with me and couldn’t love me more than He already does!! He does the work, all I need to do is keep my eyes on my Beloved and follow the sweet, sweet fragrance of His Love that I smell when I remain at His feet

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