Jn.16:8-11 – “And when he comes, he will expose sin and prove that the world is wrong about God’s righteousness and his judgments.
“‘Sin,’ because they refuse to believe in who I am.
“God’s ‘righteousness,’ because I’m going back to join the Father and you’ll see me no longer.
“And ‘judgment’ because the ruler of this dark world has already received his sentence.”

Jesus gave an extensive teaching about the Holy Spirit the last night He was with the disciples. He talked about Him being the Paraclete – Another Helper, the One Who would empower the disciples to have a supernatural ministry like His, and also called Him the Spirit of Truth. He would open our eyes to spiritual reality. Connected to this teaching about the Spirit of Truth is today’s passage of scripture. Jesus is the One who would make our sinfulness real to us, the righteousness of Christ that comes by faith would be revealed, and the impending judgement on Satan and all of those who do not accept the sacrificial death of Christ. Here is an excellent description of the ramifications of this passage from the notes in the Passion Bible.

“In essence, “sin . . . righteousness . . . and judgment are related to three persons.” Sin is related to Adam, for it was through Adam that sin entered humanity. Righteousness is related to Christ, because it comes through him, and he has become our righteousness. Judgment is related to Satan, for the pure works of Christ bring judgment to the works of Satan. If we do not embrace Christ’s righteousness, we will share Satan’s judgment.”

This is where our Christian life begins, we cannot skip this step. We must see the ugliness of our own sin. Only the Holy Spirit can do that and make it personal for us. Next, He unveils the righteousness of Christ that becomes ours by faith. “Christ died to save sinners”. We are declared righteous by God by faith in His death for us. Finally, judgement becomes real to us. Satan will be judged eternally for his rebellion. So will those who reject God’s love. The Holy Spirit alone opens our eyes to the amazing love of God displayed at the cross. Judgement for man’s sin, for my sin, already happened. Sin was judged at the cross. The Holy Spirit opens our eyes to the shocking reality of that truth and we are rescued from sin’s consequences. The radiance flowing out from the Lord opens our eyes to this amazing eternal provision. Eternity for the saved and eternity for the damned have this one thing in common – both are utterly unspeakable.

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  1. You’ve painted a vivid picture. Reminds me of two expressions, “getting down to the brass tacks” and “leaving no stone unturned” There is serious treasure everywhere, more than enough for all.

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