Ps.51:10 – Do not cast me away from Your presence,
And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me.

I recently watched a clip from a Kathryn Kuhlman sermon from this verse of scripture. Miss Kuhlman said that she knew better than anyone the power of this prayer of David. Her ministry was totally dependent on the Holy Spirit. Miss Kuhlman’s ministry was marked by thousands of miraculous healings as she moved in the power of the Spirit. She would often say she was ‘nothing’ without Him. David was a man of the Spirit. He was taken from being a shepherd to being a king because of the anointing that came upon him. After David had sinned he begged the Lord not to lift His presence from him. Because of the anointing David had defeated the Philistine giant, subdued the Philistines, became King of Israel, and the greatest Psalmist and worship leader of all time. His passion for God’s presence resulted in twenty four hour worship teams in the tabernacle just to minister to the Lord. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this verse.

“David knew he had by his sin grieved the Spirit and provoked him to withdraw, and that because he also was flesh God might justly have said that his Spirit should no more strive with him nor work upon him. This he dreads more than any thing. We are undone if God takes his Holy Spirit from us. Saul was a sad instance of this. How exceedingly sinful, how exceedingly miserable, was he, when the Spirit of the Lord had departed from him! David knew it, and therefore begs thus earnestly: “Lord, whatever thou take from me, my children, my crown, my life, yet take not thy Holy Spirit from me”, “but continue thy Holy Spirit with me, to perfect the work of my repentance, to prevent my relapse into sin, and to enable me to discharge my duty both as a prince and as a psalmist.”

Too often we depend on our talent and our training to accomplish the work of God. As a result we settle for churches and ministries that are void of the Spirit’s power or joy. Replacing His presence with a measuring stick called success will never satisfy our hungry hearts. Kathryn Kuhlman was a voice crying in the wilderness. I pray this generation harkens to her message. We need the power of His presence desperately in His church today.


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